We provide communities with the tools they need to reclaim their riverfront lands.

Develop a ‘Sense of Place’

 Start by changing your perception of the Southern California landscape. Re-establish a sense of place rooted in our Los Angeles River watershed and its natural systems: learn its geography; the particular value of its soils; the inherent beauty of this landscape, its seasons and colors; the butterflies, birds and other creatures that make this place their home. Become part of the watershed community.

  • Read about the unique history of the watershed in the State of the Tujunga Report.
  • Try to picture what your neighborhood looked like 250 years ago: the plants, the animals. ... Absent our modern infrastructure, what would you eat, where would you get your water, where would you build your home?
  • Locate where you are in relation to the river or to the nearest wash or creek. Learn its name, its source and follow its current path up and downstream. Picture it in its natural state.
  • Notice how water moves through your neighborhood in a rainstorm today.
  • Spend the day exploring at Hansen or Sepulveda Dam. Visit the Long Beach estuary.
  • Take a hike up into the Angeles National Forest.
  • Plant some native or wild lilac, hummingbird sage, or wild rose near your windows. Inhale.